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What do I need to know about the change to the Premium/Metal/Ultra Account travel insurance provider?

On 3 October 2023, we're changing our insurance partner for the travel insurance , personal liability, car hire excess, and winter sports cover to Cover Genius.

There will only be improvements to your existing travel benefits — nothing removed, only additions.

Our new travel insurance partner — XCover (trading name of Cover Genius B.V.) — will arrange your travel insurance through Cowen Insurance Company Limited and manage claims through the XCover platform.

Check out Cover Genius Ltd.’s privacy notice. This explains how Cover Genius may receive and use your personal data whenever you make a claim. You can also check out Revolut’s Customer Privacy Notice for a general overview of how Revolut uses and protects your personal data.

👉 For more information about your Travel Insurance change, please read the updated Insurance section in Paid Plans T&Cs.