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How do I block a subscription or scheduled payment?

Blocking a subscription in the app:

  • Go to your transaction history and tap on 'Upcoming'
  • Select the payment you wish to block
  • Tap 'Block future payments'

You can unblock any future payments the same way.

If you have any other questions:

Open the payment details from your past transactions → scroll down → select 'Get help' choose the most relevant option.

However, blocking a subscription in Revolut is only preventing a specific subscription amount from being charged.

It does not:

  • Cancel your agreement with the merchant
  • Prevent merchant from charging a different amount
  • Prevent merchant from applying the charge to a different payment method you have stored with them
  • You must contact the merchant to make sure the subscription is cancelled.

To block future payments, subscriptions must be marked correctly. To check how to do it, read this article.

Want to cancel your Revolut Plan?

Downgrading options can be found in the 'Profile' section. Tap on 'Pricing plan' to check all options. For more information on downgrading your Revolut plan, visit this FAQ.