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Fees for making card payments

Making a payment with your Revolut card is free. However, merchants may charge you an additional fee if you choose to pay by card. This fee is defined by the merchant.

There might also be fees if you exceed your foreign exchange allowance.

  • Currency exchange transactions are not charged up to 1,000 € per month for Standard. Anything above these allowances is charged a 1% fee. You can check your remaining allowance at any time in 'Plan' section of the app.
  • For Plus 3.000 € limit and a reduced fee of 0.5% when exceeded.
  • For Premium and Metal, there are no limits on free exchanges.

👉 Apart from the fees listed above, weekend fee of 1% applies for currency exchanges, and they are charged regardless of your plan.

👉 When it comes to ATM withdrawals, 2% fair-usage fee applies if you exceed your plan's limits, learn more about ATM fees in this FAQ.

For more information on exchange fees, click here.