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Cover for damaged, lost or delayed baggage

Delayed baggage is covered under our Travel Insurance policy, as one of the benefits for Premium, Metal and Ultra plans. If your baggage is delayed by four hours or more, you can claim up to €400 in compensation per eligible traveller.

Every time you travel, your baggage is covered up to a maximum benefit of €1000 (no more than €150 without receipts), including up to €250 for high value items in case they're damaged, lost or stolen while on the trip.

Your travel documents (including an emergency travel document or visa) are covered up to a maximum benefit of €500 if lost, stolen or damaged. This doesn't apply if they've been left unattended in a motor vehicle/public area.

You can raise a claim directly with the insurance provider. To do this, please tap 'Lifestyle' in the bottom menu → 'Insure' → 'Travel' → select a type → 'Get help'.

You don’t have to use your Revolut account to pay for travelling tickets to be eligible for the coverage.