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Junior Goals

What is Junior Goals?

Junior Goals provides an easy way for parents and guardians to help kids learn how to save. As a parent, you can create a Goal for your kid with or without a target value, and you can watch their progress as they save.

Kid’s can also create Goals for themselves through the Junior application, which you can track from your application. You can fund the Goal directly, or your kid can do this from their allowances and task completion earnings.

Can I access Junior Goals?

Junior Goals is currently available to all Revolut Plus, Premium and Metal users in regions where Junior is live. 

As a parent, you have access to all functionalities of Goals from your account. There is no need for your child to have a smartphone in order to use the feature.

What happens when I close a Goal? 

If a Goal is closed, whether this is done by you as the parent or by your kid, the funds in the Goal will be moved to your child’s card. 

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