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How to access: tap the profile icon on the top left of your Home screen → select 'Your plan' → scroll down, pick the benefit, and follow the instructions.

Get access to a digital personal trainer, using human-augmented AI to learn from 55 million users worldwide, and determine exactly which exercises and workouts best match your abilities and goals.

Get custom-created workout plans specifically tailored to you, and super-effective HIIT training.


  • Ultra, Metal, and Premium plan: access to Freeletics Training Coach subscription.


  • For any issue after subscribing to the benefit, visit their website or email them at
  • If you have an existing subscription, deactivate it via the Freeletics app. Once it expires, you can enjoy the benefit with Revolut. If cancellation isn't possible, wait until your current subscription expires before accessing the benefit with Revolut.

👉 This benefit is available to Ultra, Metal, and Premium customers in selected countries only. If you end your subscription, you'll automatically lose access to these benefits.