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Callback service

Our 24/7 callback service is designed to offer assistance to all Ultra members. Our callback service is limited to English only, but we also offer chat support in various languages. Your security is our top priority. We only call you back when a call is requested by you.

Follow these simple steps to request a callback:

Go to the Help Center → select the FAQ topic that you need help with.

If selecting an FAQ doesn't resolve your query, tap 'Request Call'. You'll receive a call security code, a text message and a push notification with confirmation for when a Revolut agent is due to call you. The calling agent will always quote your security code to you before proceeding to discuss details of your request.

We may be dealing with a high demand for callback requests in rare cases. If this happens, you can also get help by chatting with us.

To cancel a request go to Home → Actions → Call Request → Cancel.

Our Ultra callback support can help you block your card or report fraudulent activity. The quickest way to block a card is by visiting 'Cards' section, by tapping the card icon in the top right → select the desired card and tap 'Freeze' button.

We do have designated phone numbers available, depending on your location. You can't call these numbers directly. After requesting a callback, we will contact you from one of the numbers below

  • +442038713172
  • +353212040804
  • +37052143823
  • +33644604008
  • +34900943245
  • +3612344590
  • +488001213671
  • +611300281208

If you need to make a complaint about this service, check this FAQ for more details.