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Source of funds

If we need additional information about your wealth or income, you will receive an email, push notification, and see a banner on your home screen.

Providing this information will ensure your account remains functional and helps combat financial crime.

You are not required to provide these documents, but by not doing so, we may restrict or close your account as per our T&Cs.

Guidelines for source of funds

Supported documents

  • Any specific required documents will be listed on the submission screen
  • Documents may include tax documents, payslips, bank statements, or other documents
  • Documents can be in any language

Your details

  • The name on the document must match the name on your Revolut account
  • Make sure you’re providing accurate and up-to-date information about your income and wealth

Document upload

  • Update your app to the latest version
  • Make sure all documents are clear and readable. Documents that are covered up or cut out of the frame won't be accepted
  • Upload PDFs or photos of physical documents. Screenshots are not accepted