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How to claim a sign-up reward, free subscription, or cashback

To claim your reward, please review the offer’s T&C's. These can be found on the sign-up page, in our policies document, or — in campaigns which are promoted by brands or influencers — within online content by those promoting the campaign.

To get your reward, may need to:

  • Sign up using a unique link
  • Pass identity verification
  • Order a physical card
  • Add money
  • Make a certain number of genuine card payments
  • Upgrade to a paid plan

Please note that for eligible payments, minimum payment values and specific merchants may be required. Payments to payment service providers or money transfers may not qualify for a reward unless explicitly specified.

When is the bonus paid?

Bonuses are usually paid within several days, or after the promotion ends. Check that you used the correct unique promotion link to sign up with your phone number and ensure that you are a new customer. Existing customers aren't eligible for new customer promotions.

Difficulty receiving the bonus

To get your bonus (e.g. cash reward, cashback, free subscription), you’ll need to activate the special offer and then complete the required steps within the specified time limit. Check the offer’s T&C's in the email you received inviting you to take part, to ensure you're completing the correct actions to get your reward.