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How do I activate my Trading Pro add-on?

You’ll need to have activated your Stocks Trading account with Revolut Securities Europe UAB first before you can turn on your Trading Pro add-on. Once you've opened your Stocks account, you can go to 'Invest' 'More' 'Trading Pro' add-on.

You can start a free 30-day trial to test it out. If you have an Ultra plan, Trading Pro is included, and you can activate it in-app at any time. After the trial, unless you cancel it before it ends, a non-refundable subscription fee will be charged in advance from your Revolut account. Make sure to have enough funds to avoid additional costs or account closure.

In case you don't have sufficient funds in your Revolut base currency account, we will convert available funds in another currency in your Revolut account. In which case, a currency exchange fee may apply according to your plan.

If you don't pay for the subscription within 14 days of it being due, we'll automatically cancel your add-on for you.