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Are there any additional charges for using payout links?

The payment being made through a payment link will be subject to fees as described in our fees page. The exact fee charged will depend on your plan and allowance, but could be made up of a transfer fee and a currency conversion. There are no additional fees for using payment links.

Payment links are an efficient way to make payments. Not only due to how much time you save, but they let the payee receive funds directly into their Revolut account, which is fee-free.

The exact fee charged will depend on the type and currency of payment being made, and allowances remaining on your account. If outside of your allowance, per transfer costs are:

  • Revolut to Revolut account transfers are free
  • Local transfers are 0.2 €
  • International transfers are 5 €

Currency exchange will be charged at 0.6% if outside of your allowance, and the payment requires currency conversion. For more information on currency exchange charges, please see the currency exchange sections within your plan's help page.

Example: if you send £5 to someone and it needs to be converted to euros, we'll charge the sender 0.6% and the recipient will receive the £5 equivalent in euros at the time of the transfer.

If you're on a custom plan, your allowance and pricing after allowance may differ. If you make high volumes of payments and think a custom plan might work best for you, please get in touch with us.

For more details on transfer fees, please check out help page and our pricing page.