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What currencies does my card support?

All our cards automatically support the same currencies as our accounts. You can link multiple funding currency accounts to your card.

We currently take card payments and ATM withdrawals in over 140 currencies, wherever Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

The currencies that are not supported for spending on Revolut Business at the moment include: ZWD (Zimbabwean dollar), CKD (Cook Islands dollar), KID (Kiribati Dollar), PND (Pitcairn Islands Dollar), TVD (Tuvaluan dollar), AMD (Armenian dram), FOK (Faroese króna), ERN (Eritrean nakfa), BTN (Bhutan ngultrum), EHP (Sahrawi peseta), CUC (Cuban convertible peso), SHP (Saint Helena pound), GGP (Guernsey pound), JEP (Jersey pound), IMP (Isle of Man pound), SDG (Sudanese pound), SYP (Syrian pound), IRR (Iranian rial), PRB (Transnistrian ruble), SOS (Somali shilling), KPW (North Korean won) and RUB (Russian ruble).

If there's not enough funding within a currency pocket to make a payment, we'll look for another pocket with the highest amount of funds, and seamlessly exchange the required amount to facilitate the payment.