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In which countries can I use my cards?

You can make card payments with your Revolut Business cards in most countries that accept Mastercard or Visa. Countries we do not support payments in include but are not limited to: Belarus, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Myanmar, Russia, Syrian Arab Republic, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. Depending on your region, this list may not be exhaustive, and it’s subject to change.

Admins can set additional controls on cards that limits which countries the card can be used in. To see the list of allowed countries for a card:

  1. Go to Cards and select the card.
  2. In the Spend controls section, click See all.
  3. Hit Allowed countries.

If you have card manage permissions, you can set additional controls on cards. Just select/unselect countries in the list to enable or disable them for card payments on a specific card.

Your access could be limited. If you can’t do certain actions or you want to extend your permissions, contact your Business account owner or admin.

During a card payment, we'll check which country the merchant is registered in while they’re trying to charge your card. If that country isn't allowed, the payment will be declined. This applies to both offline and online card payments.

It's possible that merchants with international presence can be registered in a country other than the country your payment is made‌ in.