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How can I set a transfer approval process?

Set up custom approval processes to approve or reject transfer requests from your team members before the funds can leave your account. 

For example, you can create the process ‘Transfers above 100 GBP require Admin approval, and those above 1,000 GBP are automatically rejected’.

To set up approval processes:

  1. Make sure you have the ‘Manage team members’ permission to proceed.
  2. Go to Team tab → SettingsApproval processes.
  3. Under Transfers section, add new approval processes or edit existing ones.
  4. Within each process, set multiple rules for approving or rejecting transfers above specific thresholds and designate approvers.
  5. Tap Assignees to select the team members who will be subject to the approval process, or click Enable auto-assign to apply it to any new team members invited from that point onward.

Important notes:

  • Team members still need the Send money permission to create transfer requests to be sent for approval, or to be approver in a process.
  • Team members can’t assign or unassign themselves from an approval process, or edit approval processes they are assigned to, regardless of their permissions.