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How do I set up a direct debit?

We support Core (outbound) direct debits in EUR and GBP. To set up a direct debit, just give the organisation you want to pay your local account details. Direct debits need to be set up directly with the company that you'll be paying to (for example: a gym or gas company). This way, you give them authorisation to take money from your account. There is no need to inform Revolut Business when setting up a direct debit.

To find your account details:

  • Head to the 'Home' section
  • Select your currency account you wish to pay from
  • Click the three dots ‘...’ button to open the overflow menu and select ‘Details
  • You’ll find the account details under the ‘Local’ tab. Also, scroll below to see if this currency account supports direct debits.

Please note that there is no maximum limit for a direct debit transaction.