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How do I set up a virtual card?

Head to 'Home'Cards'+ Add new''Virtual card' → select your design → label the card → 'Create card'.

Once you create your virtual card, you can use it right away. You won't need to activate it. You can easily access your virtual card details, like the card number, CVV, and expiry date in-app: 

Go to the Cards section (top-right icon) → select your virtual card → 'Show details'.

To learn how to link cards to your digital wallet, you can visit this FAQ in our Help Centre.  

With virtual cards, you can use them to:

  • Make online purchases
  • Make contactless payments in-store 
  • Pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay

There are some limitations to virtual cards:

  • Certain merchants don't accept them
  • You can't use them to withdraw money at ATMs

As a Revolut customer, you can have up to 6 active physical cards, 20 active virtual cards, and 1 single-use card linked to your account at any one time. 

With virtual cards, you can create a maximum of 4 every 30 days, not including single-use cards. Virtual cards are not available to Revolut <18 customers.

For help with physical cards, you can visit this FAQ

If you need to reactivate a terminated card in-app: 

Go to the Cards section (top-right icon) → select 'Want to reactivate a terminated card?' → select the card → 'Yes, reactivate'.