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Cover for cancelled or delayed trips and airport delays

This is only a summary of the coverage. Check the full policy, tap 'Lifestyle' in the bottom menu → 'Insure' → 'Travel' → 'select a type' → 'All Documents'.

Cancelled and missed Flights

Airport staff shortages causing flight cancellations or delays are not covered by Revolut Travel Insurance. Contact your airline for compensation.

Delayed Trips

If your flight is delayed for 4 hours or more, you're entitled to compensation up to €500 (€100 for the first 4 hours, €100 per hour after) per eligible traveller.

Trip Cancellation

If you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen situations as illness or injuries prior to your journey, you'll be covered for non-refundable costs, cancellation fees, and rebooking fees up to the amount of €5000. To be covered, you need to apply before your journey has started.

For Revolut Ultra customers, trip cancellation is covered by Trip & Event cancellation insurance policy. For more information tap 'Lifestyle' in the bottom menu → 'Insure' → 'Travel' → 'select a type' → 'All Documents'.

Trip Interruption

If your trip is interrupted for a covered reason, such as an injury or illness (including Covid-19) contracted during your trip, you'll be covered up to €5000 for unused trip costs, €1000 for additional accommodation, and the cost of an economy class ticket.

If you're eligible for cover, you can raise a claim directly with the insurance provider, tap 'Lifestyle' in the bottom menu → 'Insure' → 'Travel' → select a type → 'Get Help' → 'Make a Claim'.