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How do I set up Fowards in-app?

Using Forwards is simple. If you're using the product for the first time, read and agree to our terms and conditions. After you accept our T&Cs, we'll create a hedging account for you (this might take few hours in some cases).

Once your hedging account is ready, you can start creating forward contracts from the Hub in your Revolut Business account. We might ask you to put a small deposit in your hedging account to cover the risk of the transactions. We might also ask for additional deposits if the market has moved significantly against the total value of the forward contract you’ve booked. This deposit will be returned to you when you use part or all of the forward.

If you’re asked for an additional deposit, you must provide it promptly so we can manage risk effectively. If you don’t, we might ask you to pay any loss that has occurred, but we’ll notify you if currency market rates are suggesting possible fees.