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Supported business legal entities

Revolut Business is available for the majority of legal types of business, although there are some exceptions, such as charities, public sector companies, cooperatives, and more.

Supported business types:

  • Sabiedrība ar Ierobežotu atbildību
  • Individuālais uzņēmums
  • Individuālais komersants
  • Akciju sabiedrība
  • Pilnsabiedrība
  • Komandītsabiedrība
  • Unfortunately we can't activate Revolut Business accounts for the following business types:

  • Kooperatīvā sabiedrība
  • Valsts uzņēmums
  • Bezpeļņas organizācija
  • Privāts fonds
  • Other
  • Creating an account for any other business types will be at Revolut’s discretion. Go to unsupported industries for more information.