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Why was the transfer to my account reverted?

How to check why your transfer was reverted:

From your home screen, go to your 'Transaction history' → tap on the reverted transfer → choose 'Get help' at the bottom of the screen for specific troubleshooting steps.

When will I receive the funds back?

  • Local transfers: within 3–5 business days
  • International transfers: 15–20 business days

Common reverted transfer deposit reasons:

Incorrect account details

Confirm you used the correct Revolut account details for an international transfer.

Go to 'Account details'

Unsupported source

We can only confirm unsupported countries, but it's possible the specific bank, merchant, or source is unsupported.

View unsupported countries

Your account may be restricted

Check your email and provide any documents if requested.

Go to my 'Profile'

Name mismatch (only for easy bank transfers)

Confirm your full name matches on Revolut and your other bank account.

Go to 'Personal details'