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Why has my outbound bank transfer failed?

Reasons for failed transfers may include:

Unsupported Beneficiary: We're unable to make transfers to certain sources. This includes some cryptocurrency exchanges, certain countries, banks, and merchants.

Incorrect Recipient Details: If the recipient account details do not match, the beneficiary bank may reject the transfer.

Recipient Account Closed: The account you are transferring to may be closed. Please ensure that your recipient account details are updated.

Compliance Reasons: Money transfers are regulated, and Revolut must complete necessary checks in accordance to law to validate the security of the transfer process.

Locked or Unverified Account: If your account has restrictions or is not fully verified, transfers may be declined. Please complete any necessary processes and wait for verification.

Exceeding Transfer Limits: Certain limits may apply depending on the type of transfer. Refer to this article for more information.

Insufficient Funds: Standing orders (recurring transfers) commonly face this issue. If you do not have enough funds, you should receive a notification 24 hours in advance, allowing you time to add money to the account and complete the transfer.