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What’s the VAT on management fees?

Depending on your country of residence, portfolio management services may be subject to 21% VAT set in Lithuania. Where VAT is applicable, it'll be included in the all-in fee of 0.75%, meaning this won't further increase your management fee.

For example, an account with an average balance of €10,000 per month will have a management fee of €6.16 per month. Assuming there are 30 days in the month and 365 days in ‌the year, the fee is as follows:

€10,000 * 0.0075 * (30/365) = €6.16

Let's break that down further:

  • The VAT included in the management fee of €6.16 would be €1.07
  • The net amount is calculated as €6.16 : 121% = €5.09
  • Therefore, the VAT amount totals €6.16 - 5.09 EUR = €1.07

Revolut Securities Europe UAB charges €6.16, which consists of €1.07 VAT paid to local tax authorities and €5.09 paid to Revolut.