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What statements are available for my Robo-Advisor account?

Robo-Advisor statements include periodic statements available in-app and annual reports sent to customers via email. This includes:

  • Monthly account statement: available in-app, contains the overall summary breakdown of all ETF and cash transactions;
  • Monthly profit and loss statement: available in-app, provides information on your realised return, most often required for tax-filing purposes;
  • Annual cost and charges report: available in-app and sent to the customer via email, gives a detailed breakdown of total costs and charges;
  • Annual suitability report: sent to the customer via email, explains how our portfolio management services meet the customer’s preferences, objectives, and other characteristics;
  • Loss threshold report: delivered in-app, provides insights when your portfolio depreciates by 10%, and in multiples of 10% thereafter from the latest reporting period, usually the beginning of the month.