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Are there tax implications in relation to my Robo-Advisor account?

If you withdraw money from your Robo-Advisor account, it can have tax and other implications, depending on the type of assets in the portfolio and your specific circumstances. 

Any action that involves selling securities in your portfolio, including withdrawing funds, rebalancing, or closing an account, can trigger capital gains or losses, which may be subject to taxation.

Your monthly Profit and Loss statement (check this FAQ for more information) is accessible in the app. It provides information on your realised return, usually required for tax-filing purposes. Revolut Securities Europe UAB doesn't offer tax, legal, or accounting advice.

You are solely responsible for paying all taxes (check our T&Cs for more information), making any related claims, filing returns, and providing necessary information to tax authorities for instruments purchased through the investment platform.

To understand the taxes applicable to your portfolio management services and to your country of residence, seek professional independent advice or visit your local tax authority's website.