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What information do I need to provide to onboard to Trading?

During the onboarding for trading, you need to provide the following items.

Tax identification number for country of residence in app:

  • Make sure your TIN(s) information is accurate by tapping on 'Account' → 'Personal details' → 'Additional information' → 'Tax residencies';
  • You can find your country of residence by tapping on Profile picture on the top left of the screen → 'Account' → 'Personal details' → 'Residential address'.

Nationality identifier:

  • Here is a list of valid forms of national identifiers.

After that, we undertake verification checks. The sign-up process may be rejected or delayed in the following circumstances:

  • You provide an incorrect TIN(s). The TIN(s) provided in your profile should match the one you enter during the sign-up process. You can edit your TIN(s) here;
  • If you've previously had a trading account with Revolut, we need to undertake some additional checks before we can approve the signup.