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Using your Lounge pass

How do I use my Lounge pass?

  1. To access your lounge pass, tap 'Lifestyle' in the bottom menu 
  2. Select 'Travel' and then 'Lounges' 
  3. Present your QR code at the lounge check-in desk

Using your Lounge pass

  • You need to present your QR code along with a valid ID at the check-in desk to access the lounge. You cannot send your pass to someone else. A pass is personal to a specific ID
  • You can have up to 10 passes at a given time, including lounge passes for your companions
  • Lounge passes do not expire, so if you don't use it you can save it for a future trip
  • Each lounge has their own lounge terms. Please read the lounge terms carefully to understand the available amenities and rules

Rules for using a Lounge pass

  • Search for an airport or look at nearby airports if you've activated geolocation. Not all airports and lounges are available. We highly recommend you review available lounges in the app before purchasing a lounge pass (even if the lounge is listed in the app, we cannot guarantee access to a lounge as it may be full or closed)
  • You can’t access more than one individual lounge within a 2-hour period
  • The length of stay at a lounge is subject to the lounge terms, which can be referred to in the Lounge info in-app. It is usually 2–3 hours

Lounge passes are provided in partnership with DragonPass. Use of and access to the lounge are subject to the Conditions of Use of our partners, the participating lounges, and our Airport Lounge Terms.