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Installing and activating my eSIM

To install your Revolut eSIM, you’ll need to purchase a data plan first. This plan will decide how much data your eSIM comes loaded with. You can always add more data to your plan later, if you need it. eSIM is provided by Revolut Ltd.

How to install your eSIM

  1. Go to 'Lifestyle' on the bottom menu of the Revolut app
  2. Go to the 'eSIM' section
  3. Follow the steps below

Installing an eSIM on iOS

  1. Tap 'Install' on the 'eSIM' page 

Installing an eSIM on Android

  1. Open Settings and choose 'Networks & Internet' 
  2. Select 'Sims (+)' and then select a SIM
  3. Tap 'Next' on the Download your eSIM page
  4. Tap 'Need help?' on the Scan your QR code from network page
  5. Tap 'Enter it manually' on the Help adding a network page 
  6. Enter ‌the code you receive and select 'Continue', before tapping 'Download' 

Depending on your phone manufacturer, the instructions for Android may differ.

How to activate your data plan

  1. Install the Revolut eSIM on your device. A banner will appear in-app guiding you through how to do this
  2. Select the Revolut eSIM for data roaming from your device settings

How to select a Revolut eSIM for data roaming

On iOS devices

  1. Open 'Settings' and select 'Mobile Service' 
  2. Under SIMs, select your newly installed eSIM (your device may automatically name your eSIM, but it won’t be your 'Primary' SIM)
  3. Toggle on 'Turn On This Line' and then toggle on 'Data roaming' on the same page 
  4. Go back to the previous 'Mobile Service' page
  5. Tap on 'Mobile Data' and select the eSIM  

On Android devices

  1. Open 'Settings' and choose 'Networks & Internet'
  2. Select 'Sims' and tap 'Revolut' which is your downloaded eSIM
  3. Toggle 'Use Sim' on, then toggle 'Mobile data' on, then toggle 'Roaming' on

Depending on your phone manufacturer, the instructions for Android may differ.