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Managing my eSIM data plan

Check out the solutions below which fix the most common problems our customers experience with data access.

Top up your data plan

  1. Go to 'Lifestyle' on the bottom menu of the Revolut app's 'Home' screen
  2. Go to 'eSIM' in-app and access the data plan selection
  3. Choose your desired coverage — local for one country, or regional/global for multiple countries
  4. Select the amount of data you need
  5. Proceed to check out and purchase your plan

Can I check how much data I've used?

To check your data usage:

  1. Go to 'Lifestyle' on the bottom menu of the Revolut app's 'Home' screen
  2. Tap 'eSIM' and select one of your active plans
  3. You will see the remaining data and total data used

Can I delete my eSIM?

To remove eSIMs from your device, go to your device’s 'Mobile/Network' settings, tap on the eSIM you want to delete, and select 'Remove Mobile Data Plan'. 

What happens when my data runs out?

If you've enabled notifications, you'll receive a notification when you’ve used 80% of your data. You'll receive another notification when your data has run out.

Can I transfer an eSIM data plan to another phone?

eSIM data plans can only be used on the device that they were purchased from. You can't use them on another device, even if you’ve downloaded the Revolut app on that device. 

If you need another eSIM for a second device, you’ll need to purchase one directly from the Revolut app on that device.