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What are Air Miles and how can I get them?

Our customers can now exchange their RevPoints to Airline Miles on airline loyalty programmes. To start with, we'll support two loyalty programmes - Flying Blue (AirFrance, KLM, etc) and Avios (British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, Aer Lingus).

For every 1 RevPoint you can exchange it with 1 mile from the respective provider. The miles will be credited to your partner (Avios/Flying Blue) account. Then they can be used to book flight tickets.

You have to opt-in to RevPoints to be able to redeem your points on Airline Miles. 

Air Miles can be redeemed only when your Revolut account details match the details on the airline partner account. If you don’t have an account with the partners then you can create one in-app, or via the partner’s website.

How to redeem Airline Miles:

From your Revolut home page, go to 'RevPoints' → 'Travel ' → 'Airline Miles' → Choose your provider. Then enter your account information for your provider. If your details match, then enter the amount of points you want to convert to miles, then hit 'Transfer'.

More details about RevPoints can be found in the Terms & Conditions page.