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🏝️ Stays offers a seamless way to earn cashback while booking accommodations from the Revolut app.

You can enjoy instant cashback if you book and pay right away. For ‘pay at property’ bookings, or Vrbo properties, cashback is credited by the end of the following month after check-out (For example, if your check-out is in July, your cashback will be issued at the end of August).

The properties are sorted based on factors like: price competitiveness, guest review, complaints, booking success, and commission paid to us. You can sort the properties by rating or price. Unfortunately, rating by food options isn’t available just yet.

You can only place a booking for one room at a time, multiple room bookings, unfortunately, are not supported. We don’t support car rentals or flight bookings at the moment. We’re currently working on an option, so you can leave your feedback and help us shape our products.

Booking process:

Search for your dream Stay by going to 'Lifestyle' → 'Travel' → 🏝️ 'Stays'.

There, you can check property details (amenities, policies, and more), amount of cashback. After booking it, you’ll get an email confirmation, with all the details of your Stay.

You can check your cashback by going 'Lifestyle' → 'Travel' → 'Bookings'.

Change booking details

Get help on an additional issue with bookings

For Vrbo properties, the process is slightly different. Take a look:

A Vrbo account is automatically created using your booking email. Then:

  1. You’ll get a booking confirmation email with a redirection link.
  2. Tap the link to reach Vrbo's log-in page.
  3. Choose 'forgot your password,' and get a recovery email.
  4. Set a new password.
  5. Log into Vrbo with the new password.

Using the Revolut app, you'll be able to check details of the bookings, but won’t be able to make any changes.

How to manage your booking on Vrbo

How to cancel your booking on Vrbo

If you want to add your option into listing, please reach the vendor directly:

  1. To add your hotel/hostel/guesthouse
  2. To add your apartment

For more information, please check our Stays Terms and Conditions.