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Getting started with RevPoints

RevPoints is Revolut’s own loyalty program where you can earn points and convert them into rewards. Activate RevPoints by going to the 'Lifestyle' section from the app's 'Home' screen, and selecting 'RevPoints'.

Earning RevPoints

You can earn points through various activities:

  • Card transactions: use your Revolut card for purchases
  • Round ups: convert spare change into RevPoints at enhanced rates
  • Challenges: participate in activities like using Apple Pay, donating, or referring a friend
  • Booking Stays and Experiences: earn double the points compared to your card spending
  • Revolut Pay transactions: use one-click checkout with Revolut Pay and earn points with every purchase using your Revolut account

Points accumulation and expiry

  • Monitoring points: check your points in the 'Lifestyle' section under 'RevPoints'
  • Expiry: points are valid for 3 years from the date they’re issued

How many RevPoints do I earn on my spend?

  • Standard: €10 for 1 RevPoint
  • Plus: €10 for 1 RevPoint
  • Premium: €4 for 1 RevPoint
  • Metal: €2 for 1 RevPoint
  • Ultra: €1 for 1 RevPoint

Spare change for RevPoints

Our spare change feature allows you to acquire RevPoints with the spare change of your payments. For instance, you buy a coffee for £9.46. With the spare change of £0.54, you acquire RevPoints. Spare change payments are non-refundable.

How to enable or disable spare change RevPoints

  1. Go to 'Home' on the bottom menu of the Revolut app
  2. Select 'Accounts' below your balance
  3. Select a Pocket or a savings account
  4. Scroll down, tap 'Spare change' and hit 'Save'

For more information, please visit our RevPoints T&Cs.