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Difficulty with the Referral campaign

Referrer can’t see you in their invitee list

You may not appear in your friend’s 'Invitee list' if:

  • You had a Revolut account before — if this is the case, you aren’t considered a new customer and therefore you won’t be eligible for this campaign
  • You didn’t use your referrer’s unique invite link to sign up to Revolut — if this is the case, you won’t be eligible for this campaign

Referrer didn’t get a reward

The referrer may not have received a reward if:

  • You didn’t use the invite link from your referrer to sign up
  • You didn’t complete all of the required steps correctly. Make sure that the steps you completed satisfy the criteria described in this article
  • You missed the deadline

If you have just completed the required steps, please allow a few days for us to process and pay the reward to the person who invited you. The reward for your referrer will be paid automatically within 3–5 days once we process that all requirements have been met.