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How do I report a suspicious call, email, link, or text?

If you receive a suspicious call, email, link, or text from someone you think might be pretending to be Revolut, it's crucial to report it immediately. Your vigilance not only protects your personal and financial information, but also helps combat cybercrime. 

Revolut will never call you asking you to transfer money to a ‘safe account’. We’ll also never ask you to make a payment over text.

If you notice any suspicious activity related to your Revolut account, here’s what you can do:

  1. If you see any unrecognised transactions, freeze your card. Here’s how to do it in-app: Go to the Cards section (top-right icon) → select the card you want to freeze → 'Freeze'.
  2. If it’s a card payment, fill out a chargeback form to try and recover the money: Go to your payment history → select 'Get help' → choose the most relevant option.
  3. If it’s a bank transfer, report it: Select the transfer in your transactions list → 'Get help' → 'Report this transfer as fraud'. Once that’s done, select the transfer to see if it’s eligible for cancellation.

What can I do if I've fallen victim to a scam?

  1. Stop communication with the fraudster.
  2. Contact us immediately via the in-app chat.
  3. Recommended: report the matter to a regulatory institution. You can find some useful contacts in this FAQ in our Help Centre.

To learn more about the various types of scams, you can visit this FAQ.