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Trouble with my selfie verification for Wealth Protection

The selfie must be a 'live' picture, as in one that is taken in-the-moment, rather than from a gallery, a scan or a picture of an existing photo.

It must be taken by yourself, rather than by someone else and only you should feature in it.

Follow these steps when taking a selfie:

  1. Find good lighting, remove anything covering your face (e.g. glasses, or a hat) and ensure that you are the only person in the image
  2. Approve access to your camera
  3. Move your face into the oval in the middle of the screen, then wait until it turns green
  4. Press the image capture button to take a photo (in some cases this will be taken automatically)
  5. Verify if the selfie requirements are met
  6. Press 'confirm' and continue with the transaction

If for some reason you're still having trouble with the selfie verification, head to the in-app chat and we’ll help you complete these steps.