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How do I buy or sell commodities?

Buying and selling precious metals works the same way as any other currency that we support.

You can use any supported fiat currency (like EUR or USD) or cryptocurrency (like BTC) to invest in precious metals, or exchange them back to a fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

This can be done via the 'Invest' section:

  1. Tap 'Trade'
  2. Select 'Commodities'
  3. Tap the commodity you wish to purchase
  4. Tap '+ Buy'
  5. Select the currency and enter the amount you wish to purchase
  6. Review your order and tap 'Confirm Order' to complete the purchase

You can set market orders to exchange immediately at the rates provided at the time of the transaction. You can also set up a stop or limit orders to automatically exchange precious metals at a target price in the future.

Once completed, transactions cannot be reverted or cancelled.

When buying and selling precious metals, fees will apply depending on your plan. Check these fees in this article.