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Funding for each card

Funding accounts control which currency accounts we'll deduct funds from when a transaction occurs. Each card must be linked to at least one active currency account. 

When a transaction occurs, we’ll first try to pay for the transaction out of a matching currency account. 

If the card isn't connected to a matching currency account or the connected accounts don't have a sufficient balance, we'll look for another funding account that has a sufficient balance and seamlessly exchange the required amount to facilitate the payment. 

If none of the funding accounts have a sufficient balance, the transaction will be declined.

Change funding accounts

If you have permissions to manage cards, you can update the funding accounts connected to cards:

  1. Go to ‘Cards’ in the Revolut Business app
  2. Select your card
  3. Click ‘Settings’ → ‘Accounts’ to reveal and adjust the list of accounts linked to a card

The card could be assigned to a spend program. In that case, you can edit the assigned program, or unassign the card from it.


Funding accounts can also be used as budgets. You can add money to a project-specific account with a certain amount of funding and connect team cards to that single account. Card holders will then only have access to spend from that account. To create more currency accounts, visit this FAQ in our Help section.