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I'm having issues with my Revolut Reader

You might have issues using your Revolut Reader for several reasons. Please refer to the Reader User Guide for a detailed overview. 

Common issues and how to fix them:

  • You don't have an active Merchant account — see if you have any requests in-app
  • You have to complete your identity verification — see if you have any requests in-app
  • You don't have enough permissions granted to use the Revolut Reader — ask your account admin for help
  • Your Revolut Reader is out of battery — connect the charger
  • Your Revolut Business app doesn't have Bluetooth and Location services permissions enabled — enable permissions in your phone settings
  • Your Revolut Reader is further than 20 metres away from your mobile device — bring the phone closer to the card reader to improve the Bluetooth range 
  • Your mobile device's internet connection is unstable — check your connection or try resetting the router

If the reader still isn't working, try these steps:

  • Update the Revolut Business mobile app to the latest version
  • Long press the power button on the Revolut Reader and select 'flush pairing table'
  • 'Forget' the reader on your mobile device's bluetooth settings and restart your phone
  • Reconnect to the Revolut Reader and wait about 5 minutes to update it with a stable mobile connection. The reader can reboot itself during the process

Once the Revolut Reader is connected properly, it should display the message 'Card reader connected' and a bluetooth icon.