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Spare change for RevPoints

You can get more RevPoints through spare change collected from your rounded-up card payments. When enabling this feature, you’ll be given the choice of which product you want to use RevPoints for.

For example, if you buy a coffee for €9.46, you’ll accumulate RevPoints from the €0.54 of spare change left over. 

Once the feature is switched on, the conversion rate between EUR and spare change RevPoints will be indicated in-app. 

You can activate this feature using two methods:

  1. While opting in for RevPoints, you’ll see the option to switch on spare change round-ups.
  2. From your Profile, tap the toggle next to 'Spare change'. Then use the same process when you want to switch it off.

You can also use a multiplier to get more RevPoints. If you choose a 2x multiplier for spare change, you'll be deducted €1.08 (instead of €0.54) and will get the corresponding number of RevPoints.

Points earned through spare change follow the same expiration rules as for other RevPoints. Please refer to the RevPoints Terms and Conditions for more information.