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How much does it cost to accept card payments using Revolut Pro, and where can I see those fees?

Once you start receiving card payments, you'll be charged a processing fee per transaction. This varies based on the payment method selected.

The different payment methods that you can receive are presented below. For each case there’ll be a processing fee, which depends on the origin and type of card your customer uses.

In-Person Transactions

  • 1.5% for domestic personal Visa or MasterCard cards
  • 1.7% for domestic personal AMEX cards
  • 1.7% for Tap to Pay transactions

Online Transactions

  • 1.0% + £0.20 (or equivalent) for domestic personal Visa or MasterCard cards
  • 1.5% + £0.20 (or equivalent) for domestic personal AMEX cards
  • 2.8% + £0.20 (or equivalent) for International + Commercial Cards

Revolut Pay Transactions

  • 1% + £0.20 (or equivalent)

There's also a related fee if you receive a chargeback from a customer’s payment. This fee is reverted if you end up winning the chargeback dispute.

To see whether you've been charged processing and/or FX fees for a payment, click the specific transaction in the 'Transactions' section of your Revolut Pro account.

You'll see the full details about that transaction, including any applicable fees.

T&Cs are applied.