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Tinder access

To access your Tinder subscription (available to Premium, Metal, and Ultra customers) in-app:

  1. Tap your profile icon in the top-left corner
  2. Select 'Your plan'
  3. Scroll down until you see your plan's benefits and tap 'See all'
  4. Select 'Tinder' and follow the instructions to activate this benefit

Once that’s done, you’ll be subscribed to:

  • Tinder Plus (Premium)
  • Tinder Gold (Metal and Ultra) 

Take control over who sees you by choosing to only be seen by people you like. Explore unlimited Rewinds for as many second chances as you need, and match with people all over the world, wherever you are.

With Tinder Gold, you’ll get all the benefits of Tinder Plus as well as access to Unlimited Likes, Boost, and 5 weekly Super Likes.

Subscription issues

If you have any issues subscribing to Tinder, we recommend visiting their website

If you have an existing subscription, please don't try to activate the subscription through Revolut until you cancel your subscription in the Tinder app and that subscription lapses.

For example, if you have an existing Tinder subscription you subscribed to on day 1, and decide to cancel it on day 7, you'll still get the benefits of the subscription until day 30, so you won’t activate the new subscription through Revolut until day 31.

This benefit is available to Premium, Metal, and Ultra customers in selected countries only. If you decide to end your subscription at any time, you'll automatically lose access to this benefit.