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Transfer with iDEAL

iDEAL is a secure online payment method available in the Netherlands.

How to pay with iDEAL

  1. Select ‘Pay with iDEAL’ at checkout
  2. Choose ‘Revolut’ from the list
  3. Link your Revolut account with your phone number
  4. Authorise in the Revolut app or web
  5. Input the one-time SMS code
  6. Complete the transaction

Fees and limits

There are no fees for using iDEAL. There is a limit of €10,000 per transaction.

Difficulty with an iDEAL transfer

Tap on your transfer in your 'transaction history' to download your transfer confirmation, track your transfer, or get specialized help with your transfer.

If you need more help with iDEAL transfers, read our FAQ.