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How do I transfer money to my Revolut account from another bank account?

There are typically two types of transfer clearing - domestic (often called local), where sending and receiving banks are located in the same country, and international (often called cross-border), mainly processed via SWIFT network, and often involving currency conversion by intermediary banks. 

You can find local and international transfer details in the Home screen > Accounts tab of the app. Next, select the currency you would like to add to your Revolut account from the drop-down list, tap on '...' next to 'Send' and choose 'Details'.

Make sure you select the correct currency in the app, as the transfer might not arrive if it's in a different currency to that of the destination Revolut account. 

Remember to add the currency that your bank account is held in to avoid bad exchange rates charged by banks. For example, if you have a US bank account, make sure you make a transfer in US Dollars to your USD Revolut account. 

  • Adding GBP: Use your unique local account details if you transfer from a UK bank account via Faster Payment, CHAPs or BACs, otherwise please use your unique IBAN found under the SWIFT tab. 
  • Adding EUR: Your unique IBAN, along with the BIC, can be used both for a SEPA and a SWIFT transfer. If you add money from a European bank account, it will most likely be a SEPA transfer. Otherwise, it will be a SWIFT transfer or else the transfer will not reach Revolut.  
  • Adding other currencies: please use your unique IBAN and Revolut BIC present in the SWIFT tab.

In general, local transfers can be received quickly, next or same day, or even instantaneously, while international SWIFT transfers might take up to five working days. When transferring via SWIFT, it’s important to make sure that IBAN and BIC are instructed correctly as shown in the app. Simultaneous use of local and SWIFT details to transfer the funds will cause a failure and money will bounce back to the sender without reaching Revolut. 

Please note, we're currently not supporting the following route of deposits by transfer: 

  • USD transfers from Barbados, Curaçao, Gibraltar, Jersey, Malta, Mauritius, and St Maarten
  • EUR transfers from Mauritius St Maarten
  • CHF and NOK transfers from Malta

Learn more about SWIFT and SEPA transfers.

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