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What happens to my other Revolut Products after I'm transferred to the European company?

Crypto / Commodities

Cryptocurrency & Commodity services are not offered by our European company. However, you will still be able to use our Cryptocurrency & Commodity services through our UK company in the app as usual after you have been transferred to our European company.


Please see our Trading FAQs


If you have any of our travel or device insurance products, your policy will be migrated to our European company.

  • Your policy number(s) and insurance provider(s) will stay the same
  • Your travel insurance coverage limits and excess liability will be expressed in EUR instead of GBP (e.g. if you were previously covered for £10,000,000 worth of overseas medical cover, you will now be covered for €10,000,000)
  • If you’re mid-trip during the migration, your cover won’t be affected

Revolut Junior

Revolut Junior accounts are sub-accounts of adult accounts: as such, they will be migrated to our European company along with the adult account to which they belong.

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