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I want to cancel my transfer to a bank account

Checking Transfer Eligibility 

Before cancelling a transfer, verify if it's in a 'pending' state. Eligibility for cancellation depends on the payment type and timing. To confirm eligibility, tap on the transaction to access the transfer tracker.

Cancelling the Transfer

If eligible, a 'cancel' button will appear on the transfer tracker. However, once funds are picked up by the beneficiary or intermediary banks, cancellation isn't possible, and the transfer will be marked 'completed' in the app.

Alternatives for Transfer Cancellation

If cancellation isn't possible, it's best to request the receiver to return the transfer amount. Errors in receiver details may result in the transfer bouncing back to your account within 5 working days for local or up to 20 working days for SWIFT transfers.

Rest assured, we're here to guide you through any concerns. In case you suspect the transfer you’ve sent was a result of a fraud, check this article.