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Refund isn't showing up in my statement

Typically, refunds take around 5 business days to process. However, in some situations, it might take up to 15 business days for a refund to appear in your account. We’ll make sure you receive your refund as quickly as possible.

If you don’t see your refund and the expected timeframe has passed:

  • Check your account balance in the relevant currency. If, for example, you paid in USD but charged the payment to your EUR account, check both your EUR and USD accounts
  • Sellers can either complete the transaction and refund the money separately, or return your transfer and release the money. Check in your transaction history to see if either of these methods were used
  • Make sure the refund was sent to your Revolut card and not another payment option
  • Contact the merchant

If you still can’t find your refund, you can raise a chargeback. Check how to raise a chargeback dispute in this FAQ.

Car rental or hotel deposit refund

If a car rental company or a hotel blocked funds on your account for a deposit, you can check the exact unblock date in the transaction details in the app. Unblock dates are based on scheme (Visa/Mastercard) rules.