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Is my money safe?

If you are registered to the Revolut Payments New Zealand entity:

Whenever money is added to your account, we hold that money on bare trust for you in a segregated account held with a registered bank (a Trust Account). We maintain a separate Trust Account for each currency made available to customers through the Revolut app.

Under this trust arrangement, you do not have a right to be repaid money by Revolut. Rather, we hold the legal interest in those funds, and you hold the beneficial interest. We may only apply the funds in accordance with these terms or as otherwise directed by you.

In the event that Revolut becomes insolvent or otherwise defaults on its payment obligations, you will retain your interest in any funds in your accounts and these funds would not become part of Revolut’s insolvency estate or otherwise be payable to our creditors.

See the Revolut Payments New Zealand Personal Terms for more information.

All your card transactions are processed by the Visa network and are protected by Visa rules.