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Why are my CZK and HUF local account details not visible in the Revolut App?

From 24 March 2021 (for UK customers)/ 5 April 2021 (for EEA customers), CZK local account numbers will only remain available to Czech and Slovakian customers, and HUF local account numbers only to Hungarian customers belonging to Revolut Payments UAB. 

Other Revolut customers will no longer be able to use local CZK and HUF account numbers to receive inbound bank transfers in these currencies. Any payment sent to CZK or HUF local account details will not be credited to your account and will be returned to the sending bank. 

You can continue receiving bank transfers in CZK and HUF using your international IBAN as well as making top-ups in these currencies using your non-Revolut debit or credit card. You can also continue to make outbound bank transfers, card payments or exchange these currencies as usual.

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