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I added money with my linked bank account, but I can't see it on my account in Revolut

In the EU, Open Banking uses a system called 'SEPA Payments' to send money from your bank account to Revolut.

There are 2 methods available with SEPA payments:

  • SEPA Instant which allows you to send and receive Euro transfers in the SEPA region within a few seconds at any time (that includes weekends and holidays)
  • SEPA Credit Transfer which takes between 1 & 3 working days

Depending on the method your bank supports, with Linked accounts we allow either SEPA Instant or SEPA Credit Transfer to add money to your Revolut account.

In whichever country we can, if your bank supports SEPA Credit Transfer, based on certain rules that we've put in place, we'll add money instantly to your Revolut account free of charge, instead of you having to wait between one and three working days.

Once we receive the money from your bank, we’ll settle it in the background without it affecting you in any way. However, if your bank is unable to settle it, we’ll revert the money we initially added to your account.

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