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What is 3D Secure payment authorisation?

3D Secure (3DS) is an additional authorisation for online card payments that helps fight against fraud. If a merchant requests it, you'll receive a push notification asking you to confirm if you're authorising a payment. 

If you didn't receive a push notification, you can open the Revolut app and an authorisation prompt should appear there automatically. You must be logged into a Revolut mobile app to complete the authorisation. 

We have no control over which merchants require you to go through the 3DS process. If 3DS didn't appear and your payment got declined, you can add the merchant as trusted and try the payment again.

If you have a transaction declined due to lack of 3DS, you can open it and tick the option to trust that merchant.

You'll also be notified in real-time when this option is available.

Where can I see my Trusted Merchants?

  • Go to your 'Profile'
  • Select 'Security & privacy'
  • Tap on 'Trusted Merchants'