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Refund is not showing up in my statement

A refund generally takes 5 working days to reach us from the date it was posted by the merchant. However, depending on the merchant’s payment system, some refunds can take up to 15 business days.

If the timeframe has passed, but your refund has not appeared in the app, there are a number of things you can do:

1. Check the balance of the relevant currency accounts

As an example, the original currency of a payment was USD, but it was charged to your EUR account. When expecting a refund, please check both EUR and USD accounts.

To view the balance of other currency accounts please go to Home → Accounts → choose the currency by tapping on an arrow pointing down next to the balance amount.

2. Transaction reversal

Merchants have two options to return your money:

  • complete the initial transaction and then return the money as a separate transaction; or
  • cancel the initial transaction and release the money back to your balance;

Be sure to check the original payment to see if the merchant returned your money using either of these processes.

3. Check with the Merchant

Sometimes merchants make mistakes - check that they are using the correct card and expiry date.

4. Last resort: raise a dispute

If nothing else works, or the merchant is refusing to honour a valid refund request, then you can raise a formal dispute by filling out the chargeback form. In order to complete the chargeback process, we will need the proof of your purchase and evidence that you tried to resolve the issue with the merchant.

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